About Оrganizer

Name of organization: Center for cultural decontamination Bitola

Type of organization: Non – governmental

Residence: Bitola,

Address: Stiv Naumov 120, 7000, Bitola

Web: www.ckdbitola.org.mk, www.lokumfest.mk

e-mail: ckdbitola@gmail.com, tel- 00389 75 269 218

President : Muarem Sadik

Contact person: Mr.Todor Ivanovski- Program coordinator

Mission: Decontamination of society from negative stereotypes and Taby’s throw cultural and art, promoting positive European values and trends.

Membership status : 25

Faculty educated – 8

Students– 12

High schools – 5

Field of activity: Cultural

  • Organization and production of cultural events & festivals
  • Promoting of independent artist and their work
  • Cross border cooperation
  • cultural policy and management
  • civil activism and volunteering,



  • Fete de la music- 2002-2014 (21 June)
  • Lokum fest-music and tradition 2007-2014 (Old Turkish bazaar )
  • Bitola cultural summer-partner of municipality of Bitola – logistic and implementation of program 2006-2009


  • 3 Books of young poem writers 2007-2010
  • Cultural magazine THE CULT 2006-2010
  • Blog – Cultural decontaminator

Concerts, Public debates and promotions (20)

Other projects

  • Youth and religion 2006/2007
  • Cultural zone 2006/2007
  • American corner Bitola -coordinators 2006-2008

Networks and public bodies

  • Members of international art forum Without BORDERS
  • Members of Balkan rock council
  • Member of he board of France Alliance Bitola
  • Partner of Municipality of Bitola in implementing Bitola cultural summer Bit fest
  • Members of Forum of non governmental association Bitola

THE KULT magazine

SOLSTIS festival of music