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​Oficerski Dom Bitola 


„The scream of a dead warrior ​“
On January 29, 2016, the citizens of Bitola resolutely opposed the Decision and the procedure of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. for sale of the cult cultural and historical monument and symbol of the city of the Oficerski Dom. They expressed their opinion by signing a petition organized by the civic activist Tose Ivanovski from the Center for cultural decontamination Bitola, supported by the Association for Culture “Machine” and Tiho Dikovski. This resulted in the withdrawal of the Government’s Decision, announced by the Prime Minister on one of the national televisions just two days later. At the same time, it was announced the return of the building in relation to the local self-government and its renewal.This is unique to such a mobilization of citizens and a successful case of defending the cultural and historical heritage of the region in recent history.But this case raises many questions and the process lasts until finally restoring the building and putting it into function for cultural and other public events.

Пожар во офицерски дом во Битола

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