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It is a great pleasure for us to announce the 15th jubilee edition of the Balkan Ethno-Fusion Festival – “Lokum Fest-Music and Tradition” 2021.

Fourteen years have passed in the persistent pushing of a dream, often under stress and all sorts of situations, so that at the end of each festival night or festival edition there were only fun, friendships, and new ideas and performers to perform next year. Bringing out a cultural festival for fifteen years is a feat and building solid milestones, both professionally and privately. The festival has its origins in the old Bitola Bazaar, a place of eternal inspiration for generations in the now distant 2007, as a synonym of Meeting, of the cultures that existed in the centuries before us, managed to survive, mature, and grow into a serious festival.

In the past fourteen years, over seventy groups and ensembles from Macedonia, and over twenty countries in the region, Europe, and the world have performed at Lokum Fest. Performers from: Egypt, India, China, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria, Brazil, etc. performed at Lokum Fest. We recognize and remember the performances of Ljubojna, Baklava, Chalgia Sound System, Toni Kitanovski Circassians, Kocani Orchestra, Swarovski Band, Jakov Drenkovski, Violeta Tomovska, Zoran Dzorlev, Vanja Lazarova, Vevki Ameden’s only one, and many others. A festival that follows the tradition and emphasizes the cultural heritage and cultural tourism, through exhibitions of handicrafts in cooperation with ZUR Macedonian handicrafts and the exhibition of family rarities “Tell your story” in which the citizens themselves participate. The support we receive from the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Bitola is crucial in the survival of the festival. This year we present the fifteenth jubilee edition of Lokum Fest, a program worthy of such a jubilee, at the same time announcing the new concept of the festival. We invite you to the three festival evenings 22.07.2021 Ancient Theater – Heraclea Lyncestis 21.00 h.

“Vlatko Stefanovski trio” (this as a bigger title) buy tickets online of Vlatko Stefanovski trio / tickets400 den. pre-sale.

23.07.2021 NI-Museum-Patio 21.00 h.
Concert “Dragan and Ratko Dautovski duo” “Apocalypticum” buy tickets online at Dragan Dautovski duo price 300th day

24.07Wide Alley & Bezisten, Old Bazaar at several locations “Singing Bazaar”

Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Northern Macedonia Municipality of Bitola

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